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A Brief Overview of Lung Fu Do:


Lung-Fu-Do (translated “Way of the Dragon and Tiger” or "Way of Wisdom and Strength") is an eclectic or blended martial arts system, founded by the late Grand Master Charles Conley during the 1960’s.  Master Conley’s goal was to take the best techniques from the various systems he had studied and create a “uniquely American martial arts style”. 

Our techniques are drawn from the Korean martial art of Tang-Soo Do Moo Duk Kwonk, which is known for its kicking techniques and is closely related to Tae Kwon Do.  Chinese White Crane offers the power and alternate angles of attack associated with the “soft” martial art styles.  A Chinese grappling system called Chin Na is another major source for Lung-Fu-Do.  Many of our self-defense techniques come directly from Chin Na.  Our ground fighting and joint manipulations are drawn from Japanese Judo and Ju-jitsu.     In short, we have “borrowed” from the best of many traditional systems to create a style that is adaptable to a wide range of physical ability and emotional temperament.

Lung Fu Do is a loose affiliation of martial art schools and clubs, overseen by

Grand Master Ray Stapleton.  ​Contact Mr. Stapleton at .

Karate FAQs

Class Schedule

Tuesday & Thursday

4:15 - 4:45 Karate for Kids ($30/month)

4:45 - 5:30 Beginners  ($50/month)

5:30 - 6:15 Intermediate

6:15 - 6:45 Advanced

and Sparring​

Uniforms $35

Belt Test: $10

School Talks and Seminars range in price from free to a couple hundred dollars, depending on location and time involved.  Contact Mr. Johnson for more information.

Karate Options

Karate for Kids

We use a nationally recognized early-childhood curriculum to introduce children (ages 5-8) to the marital arts.  This age appropriate class covers the basic stances, kicks and punches of karate.  It also lays a foundation for good physical fitness.  Finally it offers training in various safety and life-skill areas including: balance; coordination; exercise; cooperation; listening; respect; first aid; anti-drugs; fire / holiday safety; home / traffic safety; and “stranger danger”.
Various patches and awards will help to motivate the children as they grow in strength and character.

Lung Fu Do Karate. 

This system of karate is “eclectic”, blending the hard-style techniques typically associated with Karate and the soft-style techniques often associated with Kung Fu.  Those interested in becoming tournament fighters will be encouraged in their pursuit.  Our primary goal, however, is to help people grow in self-confidence as they learn to protect themselves and as they succeed at a physically demanding sport.

School Talks and Seminars

Our instructors are available for a number of school talks and seminars. Topics include:

The ABC’s of Bully Defense                     

Children learn how to Avoid dangerous situations, Bargain with (deescalate) the bully; and (if needed) physically Control a fight.  

The Safe Kids Seminar                            

In this seminar we specifically focus on how children are to respond if approached by strangers.  This includes the five steps of personal safety including (a) Use Your Mind (to avoid danger); (b) Use Your Mouth (to talk your way out of trouble); (c) Use Your Feet (to get away from danger); (d) Use Your Friends (to find help); and (e) Use Your Skills (to physically escape / defend yourself).  Identification kits are also available upon request.

Discipline For Life         

Originally developed for a church youth group, this seminar focuses on how consistent practice produces success (spiritually, educationally, etc.)  Basic karate techniques are taught and the students are given an opportunity to use their new karate skills to kick through a pine board. 

Personal Safety: A History of Martial Arts

This overview explains the origins of oriental martial arts as well as their unique weapon styles.

Eric & Jennifer Johnson began studying karate in 2001 at the Tiger Dragon Karate Club (Excelsior Springs, MO) under Lung Fu Do Master Mark Hurshman.  They continue to train under Mr. Hurshman and currently hold a fourth degree black belt (Eric) and second degree black belt (Jennifer) in Lung Fu Do. 

Our instructors have been working with children for many years.  Mrs. Johnson taught elementary music for five years before opening a private music studio.  Mr. Johnson served as a children and youth pastor for four years and has been a karate instructor since 2004. The Johnson’s founded the Richmond Family Karate school (Richmond, MO) in 2005 and ran it until 2008 when they moved to Chattanooga. Eric currently pastors the Chattanooga First Church of the Nazarene. 

Chattanooga Family Karate​, est. 2010

Located at First Church of the Nazarene, 5455 North, Terrace, Chattanooga, TN

Lung Fu Do

The Way of Wisdom and Strength