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The Karate Bonus

There are lots of reasons for why people start karate.  Some like to fight and they figure that karate will improve their skill.  Fortunately, most bullies don't last long in a martial arts environment.  Others are looking for something that will "get them in shape".  This can certainly happen for those who apply themselves.  Others are looking for an activity -something that will build confidence within their kids.  I'm convinced that nothing builds confidence quicker than succeeding at something difficult.  Like I said, there are lots of reasons to "start" karate, but most people find that there's a lot more to be gained than what they originally sought.

I think that there are three benefits to learning karate that aren’t as obvious as good “fighting” skills. The first is stronger character. Most people never think about improving their character –good character is either something you have or you don’t. The truth is that we make decisions every day that either strengthen or weaken personal character. Karate helps improve character by teaching students to treat everyone with respect; by pushing our physical limits (helping us do more than we thought we could) and; by encouraging perseverance. Those who study martial arts can’t help but grow as a person.

The second benefit to karate is improved confidence. As mentioned earlier, there’s the confidence that comes through success. There’s also the confidence that comes from feeling “safe”. One last bit of “confidence building” that’s often overlooked is the confidence that comes from trying something new. Every time we take a risk and try something for the first time, we improve our level of “courage”, we expand our horizons and we become the kind of people who live life to the full.

The third bonus to studying karate is that you find a place where you belong. Too many people go through life without a sense of connection. They’re pretty much alone. Training with people over a period of years invites friendship. Parents find a support system for raising their kids; young adults find an anchor point for their quickly changing lives; those going through crisis know that there are others who genuinely care for them.

The bottom line is that when you study the marital arts you do more than learn a physical skill. Those who are willing also learn to be better people. -Mr. Johnson, CFK, 2010

Lung Fu Do

Lung-Fu-Do (translated “Way of the Dragon and Tiger”) is an eclectic or blended martial arts system, founded by the late grandmaster Charles Conley during the 1960’s.  Master Conley’s goal was to take the best techniques from the various systems he had studied and create a “uniquely American martial arts style”. 

The Chattanooga branch of Chinese Boxing is led by Cameron Towe on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30 - 8:00.  The major sources for Chinese Boxing include Pakua, Hsing-I, Tai Chi and Wing Chung.  For more information, visit the system website at or contact Mr. Towe at 423-316-2214.

Chinese Boxing

Our goal through “Safe And Secure Women's Self Defense” is to provide training in the emotional, mental and physical aspects of self-defense.

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